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Our technicians can perform ladybug control in residential and commercial structures located throughout the area.

Spotting a ladybug crawling on a plant or even across your yard isn’t generally too concerning. After all, these insects aren’t typically harmful in small numbers. But an infestation can quickly threaten the safety and comfort of your property, which is why our technicians at Quality Control, Inc. can provide ladybug control services.

Ladybug Control in Boone, North Carolina

These insects are easy to spot, thanks to their red, round shell topped with black spots. They are also referred to as lady flies, Asian lady beetles, and lady beetles. Ladybugs eat other insects, which makes them good for a garden. But as the weather cools off during the fall and winter months, the insects will start looking for warm, safe places to call home, and your residential or commercial structure might be the ideal location to take up residence.

Since ladybugs don’t sting or bite, they don’t necessarily threaten your safety. But people can suffer from allergies to the bugs, leading to an increased risk of concerning symptoms like congestion and eye irritation. You may even feel like you’re coming down with a cold, when in reality you’re experiencing an allergic reaction to ladybugs. Another concern is the fact that a ladybug can secrete blood from its leg joints when feeling stressed, potentially staining the surfaces and other items within your space.

Our technicians can perform ladybug control in residential and commercial structures located throughout the Boone, North Carolina area. We use proven methods that target and eliminate the insects at the source, rather than treating individual bugs. For more information about ladybug control or other pest services, reach out today.

At Quality Control, Inc., we offer ladybug control in North Wilkesboro, Mount Airy, Jefferson, Lenoir, High Point, Mocksville, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Boone, and Mooresville, as well as Alexander County, Alleghany County, Ashe County, Caldwell County, Davidson County, Davie County, Forsyth County, Guilford County, Iredell County, Stokes County, Surry County, Wilkes County, and Yadkin County, North Carolina, and Stuart, Wytheville, and Hillsville, as well as Carroll County, Floyd County, Grayson County, Henry County, Patrick County, and Wythe County, Virginia.