Rodents Not Welcome Here! How to Keep Rodents Out of Your Cozy Winter Home

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When the weather outside is frightful, many of us handle the cold by heading inside! Mammals have a coldness threshold, and sadly, that might mean sharing your warm winter home with some tiny, uninvited guests that are trying to escape the chill as well. If you would rather stay warm and comfortable inside without any rodent roommates, then there are some great steps you can take to keep the rodents away.

keep the rodents away

One of the first things that you’ll want to do is carefully inspect the perimeter of your home for points that would be accessible to rodents. Keep in mind that rodents can squeeze through a hole that is only slightly larger than a dime, so you will want to look very carefully! Rodents are also excellent climbers, so check everywhere, not just at ground level. Should you come upon any holes or cracks, then go ahead and have those areas plugged up with caulk or insulation.

Another tip for keeping rodents away is to make it harder for them to gain access to the areas surrounding your property in addition to creating barriers to your home or business. This means checking outbuildings, garages, woodpiles, toolsheds and more. The closer rodents can get, the easier it is for them to start checking for entry-points into your home or business.

Finally, be sure to call in experts like ours at Quality Control, Inc. We would be happy to do a thorough examination as well as take care of any existing rodent problems you might have. Whether you have a rodent issue or just want to prevent one, contact us today!