4 Bee Control Myths Debunked

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When it comes to controlling bees, there are a lot of people buzzing with misinformation. At Quality Control, Inc., we have techniques and expertise to solve your bee problem safely and thoroughly. Refrain from falling for these bee control myths.

4 Bee Control Myths Debunked

Myth #1: I can handle the bees myself.

Truth: Bee control should always be handled safely by a professional. Swarms of bees near your home can be annoying and frightening for others. But taking matters into your own hands could land you in the hospital or worse.

Myth #2: All bees are the same.

Truth: There are many types of bees. Some are pests, and some are pollinators. Our bee control services will exterminate or relocate the bees depending on the type of bee. Carpenter bees, in particular, drill holes in wood and can damage your property, but honey bees are valuable pollinators need a new home. North Carolina is home to bumble bees, honey bees, and carpenter bees.

Myth #3: I got rid of the nest, so all the bees are gone.

Truth: Amateur bee control attempts don’t usually get rid of all bees in the hive. Bees out foraging for food or that flew away return and build a new nest. To get rid of all the bees, you must get rid of all traces of the colony, including scents left behind that will attract new bees.

Myth #4: Bee control always means killing the bees.

Truth: We can remove the problem bees from your home and yard. When a beehive is properly removed, the bees build a new hive somewhere else. Our highly trained technicians can devise a bee control plan to deter future bee colonies.

Call us today if you need a bee control expert who can solve your problem quickly and with care.

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