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Moisture control is an important part of pest control.

Excess moisture in North Wilkesboro and Mount Airy, North Carolina homes can promote wood-destroying insects such as termites and wood infested beetles, as well as cause wood rot and health problems. At Quality Control, Inc., we can evaluate the moisture content in your home and recommend the most economical solutions.

Moisture Control in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina

In addition to wood-destroying insects, other pests will benefit from moisture in your home:

  • Rodents – Mice and rats have a very high metabolism, so they need sustenance even more frequently than we do. They need food every couple of days to survive, although they can go without water for quite a while as they usually get enough from the food they eat. So, while moisture control isn’t as critical to prevent rodents, keeping food sources sealed up is helpful.
  • Ants – Ants are roughly the same as rodents in that the lack of food and water will cause their demise in just a couple of days. With proper moisture control and ant control, you won’t have to worry much about ants because they’ll happily send their armies elsewhere.
  • Roaches – Despite the jokes about cockroaches surviving a nuclear disaster and that they can live for a week without their heads, if they do not have water, they’ll die of thirst quite readily – generally within a week, even though they can go about a month without food.
  • Bed Bugs – If you really want to be surprised by a sustainable pest, instead of roaches, think of bed bugs. These annoying creatures can live beyond a year without food! Moisture control isn’t as important for these guys, as they’re happy with feasting on your blood.
  • Spiders – The real hero of the group that isn’t controlled through moisture control efforts. Spiders can live over 500 days without food or water. They just control their level of activity. A key note is that if you control other insects in your home, there isn’t any food for them, so they’ll likely be less prevalent in your home.

Rely on the experienced experts at Quality Control for solving your pest problems

If you would like to know more about how moisture control is an important part of pest control, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

At Quality Control, Inc., we offer moisture control in North Wilkesboro, Mount Airy, Jefferson, Lenoir, High Point, Mocksville, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Boone, and Mooresville, as well as Alexander County, Alleghany County, Ashe County, Caldwell County, Davidson County, Davie County, Forsyth County, Guilford County, Iredell County, Stokes County, Surry County, Wilkes County, and Yadkin County, North Carolina, and Stuart, Wytheville, and Hillsville, as well as Carroll County, Floyd County, Grayson County, Henry County, Patrick County, and Wythe County, Virginia.