What To Do After a Spider Bite

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There are thousands of species of spiders out there. Those of us who are afraid or disturbed by these many-legged arachnids may not rejoice in the sheer number of spider species, but we do have one bit of good news – many common house spiders are harmless, even if they do give you the shivers! Should you encounter a spider or find yourself the victim of a spider bite, you will most assuredly want to know what you should do next. Here are a few things that we at Quality Control, Inc. want to share to help in case of a spider bite.

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First, don’t panic! Most spider bites aren’t going to be harmful, but just in case, you want to carefully handle the situation. If possible, get a look at the spider that bit you. Take note of things like size, coloring, and any distinguishing markings it has on its belly or back. A picture is helpful, but not necessary as your medical attention is more urgent.

Second, wash the bite area with soap and warm water. You then will want to apply a cool compress to the bite area to keep it from swelling. This will also slow the spread of the venom (if applicable). If you suspect that the spider bite was from a more dangerous form of venomous spider, such as a black widow or brown recluse, then you will want to gently tie a bandage above the area of the bite to keep the venom from spreading.

Finally, seek out medical attention as soon as possible. With the right medical attention and possible anti-venom medications, you can prevent the dangerous effects of a spider bite.

Of course, the best advice may be to get rid of spiders in your home and prevent the spider bite from happening in the first place. We can help with this if you contact us at Quality Control, Inc. today!