Why DIY Wasp Control is Dangerous

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Lasting wasp control is more complicated than spraying chemicals on the wasp nest. At Quality Control, Inc., we have the expertise and the tools to rid your North Carolina property of wasps. We don’t recommend trying to exterminate wasps yourself, as with a swarm of wasps can be dangerous.

Why DIY Wasp Control is Dangerous

Here are three reasons you should always leave wasp control to the professionals:

  • Avoid getting stung. This advice may be obvious; however, wasps are predators and will attack. One female wasp can sting you multiple times. Now imagine several wasps stinging you repeatedly. At the very least, you will be in a lot of pain. At worst, however, you could be in the hospital with a severe allergic reaction.
  • It may be impossible to locate the nest. Some wasps, such as yellow jackets, do not have nests nearby. They often build their homes in secluded areas and are almost impossible to locate. Yellow jackets are among the most common types of wasps in North Carolina. They forage for food and therefore often ruin picnics or can be found hanging around trash cans. They love anything sweet.
  • They will return if you don’t kill all the wasps in the nest. If you’re squeamish around flying stinging insects, chances are you won’t get close enough or use enough spray to kill all of the insects.

Our professional wasp control technicians wear protective clothing that can shield them from angry wasps. We can remove colonies safely. We also use powerful insecticides that you cannot buy in stores. If you have a wasp problem, don’t go after them yourself. Contact us today to discuss your situation.