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When we perform ant control at your property, we can get rid of these pesky critters for good.

Ants are generally viewed as more bothersome than dangerous, but their presence in your home or business can quickly become problematic. Certain ant species can also cause destruction in your structure, such as carpenter ants, while odorous house ants can leave behind a very unpleasant smell in your living space. As is the case with most types of pests, the sight of a few ants often indicates the presence of many more lurking not far away. At Quality Control, Inc., we can take care of the problem by performing professional ant control at your home or business.

Ant Control in Alexander County, North Carolina

When you spot ants in your space, your first instinct might be to tackle the problem on your own by putting out traps or using sprays. However, these spot treatments will typically only treat the visible ants. Ants work in colonies to support the queen, who produces the offspring, and the only way to eliminate ants effectively and permanently is to target and treat the entire colony. Merely eliminating the ants that leave the colony to find food won’t resolve the problem.

We provide ant control and other pest control services to those located throughout Alexander County, North Carolina. When we perform ant control at your property, we can get rid of these pesky critters for good. We’ll also provide you with tips to prevent future infestations, such as adjustments you can make in the way you store food in your kitchen or sealing exterior cracks. If you have questions about our ant control process or would like to schedule a consultation at your property, contact us today.

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