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Of all the insects you might find in your home or around your property, ladybugs are probably the least of your worries. In many cases, they can be beneficial by eating the aphids that destroy your plants or garden. They don’t bite, sting, spread disease, or pose any serious health or structural threats like other pests. You may even find them cute. However, you might feel differently about them when you start seeing tens, hundreds, or thousands of them at a time in and around your home as they seek warm shelter in the colder months.

Ladybug Control in Alexander County, North Carolina

As harmless as ladybugs are, you don’t want them to become a problem at your property. When they feel like they are in danger, they secrete a foul fluid from their legs that smells unpleasant and leaves behind ugly stains around your home. In addition, having large populations of them in your home can be unsettling to say the least. No infestation is desirable, and no one wants to share their home with bugs, but you don’t have to when you call us at Quality Control, Inc. for ladybug control.

As a locally owned and operated pest control business for over 30 years, we know how to deal with ladybugs. We will come to your home, and after inspecting the place to find where the source of the infestation is, we will use effective ladybug control methods to ensure that they won’t bother you anymore. You can count on us to ensure that your home is pest-free in no time.

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